One who captured a child’s eye…

What I do love about Elise Hurst’s illustration works is that she has this ability to capture the most vivid imagination and draws you into this whole new world. Cliché as it sounds, but when you look at her drawings, it is like “walking through the looking glass”, it is so easy to get lost in the finer details.

I first met this very talented artist last year, on a lazy Sunday afternoon at the Abbotsford Convent Art Market and bought one of her mounted print work like the one below for my friend’s 30th without any hesitation.

Aside from illustration, Elise also does oil painting, there are more samples of her work which you can purchase from her on-line shop or you can always look for Elise Hurst’s blog which she shares new drawings or talks about what she has been doing.  If you are interested in meeting Elise in person and perhaps buying one of her works,  you can find her at:

Abbotsford Convent Art Market every 1st Sunday of the month or Maker’s Market every 3rd Sunday (also at the Convent)

Another of her more recent drawings, what talent, what a inspiration.


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