Yesterday evening after having low day because of work.  I was feeling a tad cranky  it was one of THOSE  feeling  “fat,bloated and ugly” days. In addition, my ill-fitting jeans ( bought at spur at a moment 4 months ago for overseas trip) was constricting my stomach (alleviating the existing feeling of ugliness) leaving a red mark on my poor stomach. I was dying to peel the offensive piece of clothing OFF!.

Alas, I could not rush home as planned as my significant other decided that he too has had a hard day and had decided that I should accompany him for a drink in town.

So while waiting in transition, I wandered into Nevenka pop-up shop on Collins St and came across a darling little skirt  which I tried on after some gentle urging.

Gorgeous fabric, cute design and feminine and I felt the load of ugliness lifted  when I looked at myself in the mirror and felt pretty again.

Rosemary Masic,  designer of this beautiful label  told me a little bit more as I “oohed” and “aahed” over her other pieces of clothing . Naming the label after her mother’s name , Rosemary’s creation is inspired by her Eastern European heritage creating the a range that is seductive, feminine and captivating.

If you want to read a bit more about Rosemary Masic and Nevenka, (click here). Happy reading!


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