New Year…new beginnings..

Took this picture in my little garden this evening.

I love geraniums simply because they are such hardy plants and despite the lack of care, they continue to thrive and produce flowers  just like this summer bud …it is just wonderful!

It got me thinking and reflective, metaphorically speaking, this new bud resembles another new year which each of us, I am sure harbour hopes for good things to happen. Be it a new job, better health, new love and the list go on….

I am back! It  has been quite a long hiatus since August,I know. But so much has happened since I last spoke to you.

2009 was a challenging year, far more challenging than expected especially in the emotional sense.

In short in the last 8 months before 2009 ended, I….
1) had wondered whether a loved one was going to survive her cancer shock which knocked the breath out of us and whether we would have around for Christmas…the prognosis was so grim at that time. However, we would like think the worst is over …we had a fantastic Christmas and look forward to celebrating more celebrations with her in the future.
2) lost my  favourite uncle to pancreatic cancer in mid April, he was someone who watched me grow from the pre-school years, I spent many happy school-holidays playing with my cousins and eating his famous signatory dishes brought back from his restaurant.
3)witnessed my close friends’ marriage  dissolve in 3 short months after being married under a year , they  had been together for several years before doing the deed, seems like the deed broke them…my heart broke. Never understood what really happened, one has moved countries and one chose not to stay in touch.
4) been monumentally frustrated at work and the last straw and a melt-down in front of my manager during my review. Had decided to start looking..some things just can’t change, I am done with banging on a door which will not open.

Having said that, in 2009 the highlight was travel which was the balm to my troubled soul.
2010…who knows? But I am making an conscious effort to put my best foot forward…to start with make more effort to share on this blog about the things which motivated me to start this blog in the first place.

Going away for the long weekend, 4 days of rest and play…saw Nadal play in Rod Laver last night, was absolutely tickled when a girlfriend commented that Nadal seem to scratch his derrière each time he served was absolutely hilarious!

Speak to you soon.

Love- Nota Hati


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