Goodbye Sam

Starting a new blog can be an obsession and like what I had shared about my possible OCD tendencies, I am currently treating this blog like a new born baby and giving it a lot of attention.
And I seem to have a lot to say these last few days…:)

Had the day off today, it is always good to have the day to myself to do some wandering around town but I did not think my day would be quite complete if I did not do my own personal farewell to Sam.

Who is Sam? Sam is the name given to a koala rescued during the horrendous bush-fire which happened in regional Victoria early this year. So many lives had been lost in this tragedy and during time of despair, out of the ashes, Sam became the symbol of hope not just for the bush-fire human survivors but also to the Australian wildlife.
Sam the Koala

Unfortunately Sam died last night, she was scheduled to be operated for chlamydia but her condition had been more severe then expected and the surgeons who operated on her thought it was kinder thing to put her down so then she will not have to suffer further discomfort.

It’s sad news which has affected many hearts of the nation today, from little me to the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd who commented that when he was attending the G20 summit, lots of world leaders had told him the photo above was the picture of hope for those who had lost so much during the bush-fires.

What had irritated me since last night is a comment by a Facebook friend when I had declared on my status that I was upset that Sam the Koala had died. His reaction was “OMG, isn’t it a trivial thing to be upset over?”

NO, you moron if you paid attention about how the bush-fires had threatened the Australian wildlife and realised how much more Sam meant to the Australian public, you would know it is not “a trivial matter”
Maybe you should for a change stop being so vain and instead of uploading different versions of your pictures into Facebook, pay a little more attention to other matters of life. Not everyone is interested to what is happening to your torso or muscles.

OK now that I have done my bitching for the day, I should end this post on a more positive note.

Undeniably I am an animal lover, both domestic and non-domestic (not too crazy about creepy crawlies and slithering kind) BUT I support wildlife conservation and if you read this and in anyway feel compelled to support Australian wildlife especially the wild animals that were injured during the Victorian bush-fires, please click on the highlighted text below (if all fails the website address is

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