Being OCD (Overly Compulsive Disorder)?

Decadent looking macarons which calories count which may go to the hips :)

Decadent looking macarons which calories count which may go to the hips 🙂

I am not afraid to admit that I may exhibit some OCD traits (Overly Compulsive Disorder) when it suits me.
Whether it will be documented medically by a medical practicioner into my medical file, I would doubt so.
Although I do wonder why I do certain things in a manner which may make other people thing I could be OCD or maybe a little mad.
But this could be an unjustifiable claim in reality and I am sympathetic of those who suffer from OCD or any kind of disorders .
However I do think there was some compulsion demonstated when I had did go to the new Lindt Chocolate Cafe On Collins every weekday after work since last Thursday with one quest in mind.

Determined to purchase some Lindt Delice so that I could have some macaron goodness in my hot little hands. No luck on Thursday, Friday, Monday, Tuesday and yesterday, there I stood in line like the many dozens who have walked through those Lindt doors.
There was enough supply this time although not all the flavours were available…pistacchio was absent (dang!)

Not really a sweet tooth in most aspects ( I would only have a sliver of cake each time) but ever since watching MasterChef and seeing the technicality of making macarons got me all curious. Does anyone remember how Poh had thrown away a batch of macaroons which she had piped on a tray because they were not symmetrically shaped during pressure cook test!

Most of us love Poh (I am bias because of our shared heritage backgroud) but I did think she was a little mad to have done it at such at time!

Anyway -happy little me bought 6 pieces of Lindt Delices yesterday night. How could one say not to this?

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